BIZAR 3D emerged from our passion for 3D CGI and animation combined with a decade of in-depth experience in the 3D world. Our well-diversified team of experienced architects and CGI artists coming from different backgrounds allow us to provide our clients with high-end photorealistic results making them stand out from the competition.

Our team of skilled professionals is able to offer an unmatched level of photorealism by using the latest in cutting-edge software and computer-aided technology that will leave you amazed!

Jurassic Paris



Creating high caliber photorealistic imagery and videos with the perfect pitch of lighting, atmosphere, and vibe invoking feelings while keeping viewers amazed. Our team of young artists is constantly evolving their skills to provide our clients with the best outcomes.

Salon Render


Our people excel in more than 15 different types of powerful software used for rendering and animation projects which allows us to turn your inspiration into the final product.

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Our Core Values

1. Power to Innovate

Challenging our skills to constantly improve our results and product offerings while maintaining awareness of new CGI technology.

2. Quality Work

We provide outstanding end results and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers and make them stand out.

3. Customer Commitment

We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customers’ lives. We are committed to delivering our client’s results at lightning speed all the while offering 24/7 support.

4. Culture

We work together, sometimes across boundaries, to meet the needs of our customers and to help our company succeed. We value our people, invest in their development, and encourage them to do things differently to find better outcomes.


Founding partner/ Managing Director Souren Kaprielian a.k.a. ``Solis``

Founding Partner/ Design Director Mustapha Saleh a.k.a. ``Wink``

CGI artist - Mahdi Safieddine a.k.a. ``Volk``

A highly motivated individual with a vast imagination, yet a quiet person that expresses his thoughts throughout passion. Eager to work, and multitask flexibly.

CGI artist - Abdul Razzak Al Rafii a.k.a. ``Rafi``

I am a minimal space dreamer. I believe that minimalism is the way we promote intentionally the things we most value, and the discarding of other things that distract us from it

CGI artist - Wassim al Agha a.k.a. ``Wass``

The fact that we are aware of what we don’t know about the universe makes it even more fascinating to explore. I like to play with reality.

Highly motivated to keep raising the bar with a tendency to innovate in order to achieve my goals.

CGI artist - Rafic Bazzi a.k.a. ``Bazbaz``

We as humans, constitute and are surrounded, by shapes and forms. Think of all these boxes and forms in the picture as blessings. You will find out that they are endless. Always be thankful for what you have and what surrounds you.

CGI artist - Dany Arfan a.k.a. ``Testodus``

All this confusion is just another journey down the path of mystery.

What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine you create

CGI artist - Jirair Maghakian a.k.a ``Jiro``

I want to make something every day. In the past, it meant building stuff with Lego blocks or filming and editing “action movies” with friends, and then learning photoshop and making…anything! These little acts of creativity allowed me to develop a maker mindset that leads me to become an Architect specialized in ArchViz eager to learn new things every day!

CGI artist - Salah Zohbi a.k.a. ``Saiki``

I’m a Right-Brain person.

I really enjoy talking about art, psychology, and philosophy of things with a lot of different people, while I am always realistic when setting goals.

CGI artist - Brahim Halawani a.k.a. ``Squash``

CGI is the 4th dimension, inside this dimension we can create almost everything we’ve faced and experienced. CGI has no limit, CG all the way.

CGI artist - Rayan Bakri a.k.a. ``Ray``

I’m a very curious person, who likes to find answers to everything on google.
I always go for simplicity, whether it’s in my designs, workflow, or lifestyle.
Despite having a career that revolves around a computer, I still believe in pen and paper.

CGI artist - Ibtissam Sidawi a.k.a. ``Gusto``

I am always stimulated by the little things in life and unconsciously translating my enthusiasm through artistic aspects.

In an industry where the people behind the company make all the difference, our team of skilled artists from different backgrounds is ready to tackle any challenge thrown at them and leave you impressed.

BIZAR 3D Visualization Studio